Ben Shaw
The Sign of Jonah and its significance for the Ninevites, the Pharisees and us today
Ben Shaw
The heart of Jonah's problem and the heart of the message of the book
Ben Shaw
The Purpose of the book of Jonah as revelaed in chapter 4.
Ben Shaw
Jonah in Nineveh. Why does the author narrate the story the way he does? What point is he trying to make in keeping with chapter 4?
Luke Martin
God in a box and Jonah's in the fish. Luke looks at the significance of the psalm that Jonah "writes" in the fish
Ben Shaw
A talk on the whole of chapter 1 and how the narrator uses the gospel to narrate the story of Jonah to effectively teach us the very same lesson Jonah is learning within the text.
Ben Shaw
A close look at the first 6 verses of Jonah 1 and their relationship to the gospel
Ben Shaw
3 mistakes we often make with the book of Jonah and 3 lessons from the book as a whole